Jeff Hewitt-Davis


18 years as competitive gymnast, Twice British Overall Champion.
Competitor at Olympic Games, World, European Championships and Commonwealth Games.
20 years training in Shotokan Karate.
Competitor in High Diving, Trampolining and in slalom canoeing.
Graduate P.E teacher.

Stunt Capabilities
Stunt coordinator for all forms of action sequence in film, TV and commercials. Highly experienced in training and working with actors and children.
All types of car sequences and chases performed, choreographed and coordinated.
All types of sword work performed and coordinated.
Gymnastics performer and National squad Coach.
Trampolining, performer and coach, experienced in using supporting rigs Swimming, water stunts and high diving.
Instructor to the Millennium Dome Company, many years experience working with circus performers.
Pedagogical coordinator to FEDEC (European Federation of Professional Circus Schools) responsible for producing a technical manual for acrobatic circus skills.
Spanish and German spoken.
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